I’m Back!

I am so sorry for the inactivity. I have been utterly busy with Track, Band, Drawing Contest, etc. It’s been a crazy year so far in high school. Anyways, I’m back now but I might not post a lot because my track season is not yet over and I have Finals coming up. But in the summer, I’ll definitely be back and posting again πŸ™‚

I did get the Disney’s Magical World game the day it was released in the US but I haven’t even opened it yet >n< That’s how busy I have been. Anyways, I’ll try to keep you guys informed if anything comes up. I’m looking forward to posting pictures about my town changes and my visits to other towns πŸ™‚

Colton’s Letter

Colton’s Letter

Hey guys! I’m still not posting any pics since I don’t have my Mac atm since I’m on a trip of sorts to the east coast. Anywho, here’s a picture that Colton sent me… I have mixed feelings about this.

Pokemon X! Now… Back to ACNL

I got Pokemon X for my birthday on November 18!!! πŸ˜€ I was so excited.

HNI_0049_4 HNI_0051_4

I haven’t gotten far yet, but here I am! I actually recently just caught Xerneas so that is pretty far along now. I hate how you can’t take screenshots though 😦 Anyways, I will actually do a post about Animal Crossing today!

So I time travelled back to where I left off which was July 29. Right now, I got as far as the end of August and the last fireworks show. I am still working on it though. This post will most likely have a ton of pictures so feel free to scroll through. Meanwhile, here are some WiFi’s and past events that happened about four months ago (in real life): *also, I will be mixing up my post style so that it makes more sense… hopefully?*

Phineas and his badges:

HNI_0050 HNI_0061_2 HNI_0076

HNI_0004_3 HNI_0003_3



Visiting Vella from Hanabi (Sosotris):

HNI_0080 HNI_0084 HNI_0083

Some other pictures after that:

HNI_0089 HNI_0091 HNI_0094 HNI_0095 HNI_0096 HNI_0013 HNI_0027

Saharah came... No exclusive this time :/

Saharah came… No exclusive this time :/

Becky moved away... Now I need to fill up this space >n<

Becky moved away… Now I need to fill up this space >n<


Thank you Nana!

Thank you Nana!


Colorful! <3

Colorful! ❀

HNI_0060 HNI_0041_2 HNI_0042

New town hall :3

New town hall :3

OMG I got on of my dreamies! :D

OMG I got one of my dreamies! πŸ˜€


Teehee.. I like trains.

Teehee.. I like trains.

He moved in as well... On my perfect apples >n<

He moved in as well… On my perfect apples >n<


Vella from Hanabi dropped by to do a trade with me while Ryann from Shantaki came over to buy turnips.

Vella from Hanabi dropped by to do a trade with me while Ryann from Shantaki came over to buy turnips.

HNI_0013_2 HNI_0023_3

I really need to throw another party in my town :D

I really need to throw another party in my town πŸ˜€

Just a random picture

Just a random picture





Well then...

Well then…

Ken moved away.

Ken moved away.

No thanks :/

No thanks :/

Punchy moved in from camp! Yay!

Punchy moved in from camp! Yay!

HNI_0086_2 HNI_0090_2

This is obviously why I went down to the Resseti Center.

This is obviously why I went down to the Resseti Center.

HNI_0093_2 HNI_0094_2

Perfect town for 15 days!!! Hooray ^_^

Perfect town for 15 days!!! Hooray ^_^


Thanks a lot Nk D:< (my sister)

Thanks a lot Nk D:< (my sister)



Hahahaha! #yoloswag2013

Hahahaha! #yoloswag2013

Nice vocabulary.

Nice vocabulary.

HNI_0015_4 HNI_0019_4

This is the first time I ever witnessed a villager sit on my benches :D

This is the first time I ever witnessed a villager sit on my benches πŸ˜€



HNI_0033_4 HNI_0047_4

My house :D

My house πŸ˜€

Ankha moved in! One of my dreamies as well! Hooray ^_^

Ankha moved in! One of my dreamies as well! Hooray ^_^

HNI_0054_4 HNI_0064_4 HNI_0065_4

Last fossil *victory dance*

Last fossil *victory dance*

HNI_0055_4 HNI_0056_4 HNI_0057_4

My rooms so far. I have a sweets room and rococo room but I forgot to take pictures.

My rooms so far. I have a sweets room and rococo room but I forgot to take pictures.

Oh here is one.

Oh here is one.

Her house is nearly symmetrical!

Her house is nearly symmetrical!


You're welcome?? :S

You’re welcome?? :S

HNI_0080_4 HNI_0081_4

First time I have witnessed a fireworks show in ACNL! It's really pretty :) I just wish I had friends over.

First time I have witnessed a fireworks show in ACNL! It’s really pretty πŸ™‚ I just wish I had friends over.

I had to...

I had to…

Apple is moving away! *GONE*

So, like what the title says, Apple is moving away. She is one of my favorites and I may seem selfish to ask, but I really want to trade her for Cherry, Phoebe, or Fuschia. If none of those are available, Flo, Charlise, and Β Renee would be great as well. I just need an Uchi.

Apple moved away to a good town, but I got Pashmina in return! An Uchi villager. I needed one because my original Uchi (Canberra) moved away.


Dream Code!

I have just updated my dream town. It’s still really messy because I am clearing out my locker and my rooms have just been expanded, but I have decided to do a quick update because there has been a LOT of changes, which I’ll show in pictures hopefully tomorrow >n< Do please check it out! Especially Cheryl’s house and give me some feedback. The dream address is 4900-3189-9570.

I’m back!

It’s time to time travel back to July 28… Where I stopped off and start time traveling forward to now… -.- Anyways, I am back!!! I got my 3ds back. I turned in my art contest entry. I am no longer busy. All is good in the world xP Not. But I have a lot of catching up to do so… Yeah :3

Band Camp

Okay, I am a total nerd but I don’t look like one xD Anyways, I am going to band camp from 5 am to 11 pm. I already got my 3ds back but I am going to be busy. It starts today and ends in three ish weeks. My town is the same except Pango and… Umm…. Someone else moved away. Oh yeah. Becky. In return, Colton and Shep moved in :3 They are pretty cute in very different ways. By the time my band camp ends, school starts (going into high school) and I have one of the busiest schedules on earth >.< So blogging will be difficult now.

Lack of Posts

I apologize for my lack of posts lately. I won’t post anything probably until the end of this month because I have more vacations and whatnot. Sorry. Please expect a really long post next time.

*EDIT: Probably until Mid-August.

Aiming For A Perfect Town

I haven’t posted since June 27 so this might be long. I have 1,000+ pictures, but obviously, I am not going to post all of that. Hahahaha. Anyways, here you go. I am going to summarize it quickly.


I finally got the golden slingshot. I really don’t need it though. It’s only cool because it’s gold :3


Drago is moving away! I didn’t stop him this time.



Ryann from Shantaki and Cassidy from Miagen came to visit! I was originally going to let Cassidy catalog my rococo furniture, but due to household chores, I wasn’t able to do much.




I visited Vella from Hanabi and she has a beautiful town! Sadly, I forgot to take pictures. But she let me catalog special and unique furniture and let me take 2 goodie bags that contains Gracie clothing or accessories. You should visit her blog too!




Oh Pete πŸ˜›



Not again… See the first post to know why.



Killing Victor’s weeds.


4 golden nuggets from the money rock…. What the????





I visited Victor again and he gave me a toy hammer and Peach’s Parasol. Using the toy hammer is so much fun and I can’t wait to use it on other people and villagers. The umbrella is so tiny! Peach’s head must be really really tiny to keep it dry from the rain. o.O




Victor came to my town and we continued hitting on each other. Oh wait, that sounds weird. Haha. I meant hitting each other. We also FAILED at catching “dangerous” fish like piranhas and sharks.



SCORPION AMBUSH! HAIIII YAH! *I pass out and suddenly appears in front of my house* “What the??? I want my mommy!!” The meteor shower was also going on.



HOORAY! I am now broke! But the crown looks pretty! I borrowed 300k from Victor… I still have to pay him back.


Statue fountain!! Yay πŸ˜€



Victor is here again πŸ™‚


Street lamp #1 done!




Hi Gulliver! Explain to me what your joke was about. I am confused.


Street lamp #2 done!


Vash’s town is beautiful! Look at all those golden roses!


Thank you turnips for making me rich! Right now, I have 15,400,000 bells in my savings.



Estel from Citalune (Amy) came to my town. We traded a gold nugget for the yellow rainboots that she wanted. Yay! I love gold πŸ˜‰ Thank you for coming Amy! Sorry about those crashes and the mess >.< I was organizing my catalog.


I am going to change that pattern soon…


Pretty rainbow! ❀


I built a well near the campsite to give it a campy feel πŸ˜€


I visited my sister’s town and I caught this… What is it for? o.O


Park clock complete!


Canberra suggested to build this. It looks really cool so I did.



It really brightens up my town. Especially with the sort of rainbow flowers around it.


Nana suggested to build this and so I shall! It looks really pretty πŸ™‚ I am still building it right now.

That’s pretty much it for now! A lot has happened in the past week but I am feeling lazy right now so I didn’t put too much effort in this post. Happy 4th of July everybody!!